November 16, 2017 ~ Titusville, FL ~ Newborn Session: Eugene Michael 

Ever since I’d 2nd shot their wedding, and taken family Christmas pictures for them, I’d longed for a baby to
fill the middle space for Sean & Patricia. Lives were busy and job weeks were full, and yet they waited and prayed,
cried, waited and prayed some more, and then one day….they were pregnant! I’ll admit, I screamed in joy. ūüėČ

And then 3 weeks before his due date, little Gene arrived, weighing a whole 6lbs. 9 oz. SO tiny!

Watching Sean & Patricia rejoice over him, love him so deeply, cherish his preciousness, faces radiant….
it was incredibly sweet, and I love being able to share these newborn images with you! 

I have to jump in here to share a brief heart-moment.

This little baby boy?
He was named for his great granddaddy who died a few short weeks short of Gene’s arrival.
In honor of the great man he was, Sean & Patricia changed baby’s name to his granddaddy’s.
“Gene” for Eugene. “Michael” for his Daddy (Sean), and Granddaddy’s middle names. It fits him.

I took this picture watching him sleeping gently in the morning sun’s rays that filtered through the crib that
Gene’s Daddy’s Daddy made for his babies to sleep in (all 4 did), and that beautiful blue blanket that
Gene’s GrandMimi¬†made for Sean cradling him so close. The blue blanket that made Gene’s Mama
burst into tears upon seeing it at the baby shower.

The best way I can describe images like this and the stories behind them is feeling “the fullness of full circle”
and the God Who is faithful to all the generations. This baby, so longed for, so waited for,
bearing his great granddaddy’s name,¬†and swaddled up in the love of generations before him.
It’s enough to make an emotional photographer cry with the wonder of it all.¬†

(those baby bear pictures had Patricia and I just….gone. We were squealing and loving every single moment. LOVE)
Eugene Michael Lunceford, we’re so very glad you’re here. Congratulations, Sean & Patricia on the arrival of your son!

November 12, 2017 ~ Winter Park, FL ~ Engagement Session: Sarah & David 

I’d always told my friend Sarah that I’d be there to shoot her engagement pictures and her babies’ pictures down the road,
but goodness, I underestimated how full and emotional that would make me. The very first picture I raised my camera,
looked through the viewfinder, said “wow” and put the camera down for a moment to compose myself. It all hit me!

I cried a total of 3 times (a new record) during their session, and kept saying things like: “Oh my gosh, y’all.” and
“What is life right now?!” and “Kiss! Kiss again!”. We shot this beautiful session in Winter Park the day after David proposed
to Sarah on her favorite beach. I was skeptical of the arrival of David at first (I’m protective of my friends, haha!),
but then I spent some time getting to know him; I sat across from him at a few dinners and watched him like a hawk
and sneakily took a picture of Sarah & David snuggling on chairs on a beach condo balcony together.

He….fit, with her. He made outrageous statements and ridiculous puns. He held her hand. He gently smiled at her.
In the long talks, he understood the really hard things we talked about, and encouraged me in ways I was surprised he could.
It was like…realizing you liked a total stranger and being so excited you got to know someone incredible like that.

Sarah has known really hard things about me, has been there for me in the rough moments, has prayed for me,
and has made me laugh so much. She’s been an amazing friend and California seems really far away for her to move. *sniff*
For months now, I’ve been getting texts from Sarah saying “Read this!”, with all the crying and heart emoji’s.
Her meeting David….was like throwing everything out the window and saying “Worth it.” She’s so so in love, and
he’s so so in love with her. Watching them together reminds me of what real love should look like, and it’s so wonderful.

I don’t often write personally about my clients on here, but goodness, this warrants it.

David & Sarah, I couldn’t be happier for either of you, and I love you both so much.
And thank you for having the wedding before I leave for China. I’m feelin’ the love. May God bless you both!
(P.S. Amazing job on that ring, and good job forever on all that kissing. oh my Heavens above.)