January 14, 2018 ~ Tosohatchee State Park, Christmas, FL ~ Explore Florida

Weekends are so important for the restoration of one’s spirit and body: emotionally, physically, mentally,
and Winter is the very best time in Florida to go out hiking and hammocking with our ENO‘s in the woods!
So this is what my very best Sundays look like: breathing the crisp air, exploring, wandering, adventuring,
and all with a best friend who looks like Joanna Gaines up on top of a dead log {haha}. It was such a good day.
I’ve never once regretted time spent outdoors or adventuring out into our beautiful world!


January 4, 2018 ~ Titusville, FL ~ 9 Month Session: Clark

My sister, brother in law, and nephew came from Texas for 2 weeks of Christmas holiday with us, and it was so much fun!
We were overjoyed to have them and to be able to take Clark to his first beach trip, be together for his first Christmas
and show him where we grew up, including Christmas Eve service at our church, followed by the traditional lights
and luminaries in our neighborhood. The best though? Watching him explore and chatter to all of us and BE together.

I did a quick little mini session for his 9 month photos, {although he was more like 9.5 months},
and ended with pulling my sweet parents (Clark’s grands!) from their projects for a few pictures outside,
just like my Daddy used to do to us. “It’s important to take pictures!”, I yelled as I dragged them outside. *haha*
I just love love love them all. Family really is everything, and pictures together are SO good to have.

Love this little Chuckle Champ, Clark. LOVE being his auntie. Love everything about his joy.