I’m the Photographer, my name is Jean Marie. 

My Mama has always said that I was a visual learner.

I learned best with the tangible, the seen, the story, the behind-the-scenes. I would spend hours outdoors writing down the sounds I could hear if I closed my eyes, analyzing the way the clouds and trees moved in the wind and watching the planes soar overhead, wondering what adventures they were going on. I’d bask in the warm sun of our Sunshine State, and while that sun added a few more freckles to my skin, I’d close my eyes, breathe it all in, and write stories in my head.

I live in the Coastal South, the Space Coast of Florida. Born, raised and love it. The Atlantic Ocean soothes my soul like none other and brings joy to our summer days.

I’m a dreamer.

Always will be, I think. Stories, music, and the beautiful way life can be transported into photographs amazes me. Photography stole my heart from the day my Daddy started teaching me how to shoot on his film Canon SLR. His enthusiasm would fuel my own fire and love for the art. I now shoot on a Nikon d7000 and in December of 2015, I received my Photography Degree Certificate from NYIP after 2.5 years of school.

I’m a natural light, lifestyle photographer.

It’s the reason I fell in love with photography. It moves me the most. That means I’m into stories, into real life, into entering your world and knowing you!

I’m an avid reader, a heart-spilling-writer, an old fashioned girl, a dreamy romantic, and a firm believer that any time spent outdoors is never wasted. I love watching the wetlands change in the seasons; you can find me the most by any body of water, watching dolphins and manatees play or reveling in the sunset.

The South has this undeniably magical golden glory light in the evening, so it’s no wonder it’s my favorite time to shoot. It’s like Heaven rips open and floods our realm with joy. We really do live in the most captivating and astounding world!

I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

I love knowing His grace always rests upon me, and I only need to be still and listen for His quiet voice whispering Truth to my soul. I am forever thankful for His gift of redemption, for His heart of adoption, for His forgiveness for my sins, and for His deep, unfailing love.

He created this world that I find so very magical and dreamy, and I’m so thankful for all the ways He has shown me what is noble and lasting and true. His grace resting upon me as I’ve known mountains and valleys has shaped my photography into what it is now: Genuine. Joy-filled. Real. 

Here on this website you will notice that I love to write a lot. Blame it on the redhead genes, I’m dramatic, expressive and I have a lot to say. Words are as much written into images as the light is. I’m often writing the story in my head before I get home to look at the pictures. This is a place to see the joy of photography as an art and the joy of storytelling intertwine.

Stories are meant to be told, and they will be shared here, alongside the photographs that inspired them.

Lastly, I’m so thankful for YOU.

My greatest joy since starting this business has been the building of relationships and getting to meet so many wonderful people. You have honored me with the privilege of turning moments into photographs, and photographs into stories. You have shared life with me, and, I am so grateful.

It is a beautiful thing to know that the moments we are together will be remembered in photographic form and be framed upon your walls, and the memories that are written in those images will be ones hopefully filled with joy, with peace, with laughter, with the knowledge that you are beautiful and you are loved. Together we speak to what future generations will remember of us. We are making history, you and I.

If you are here to visit, thank you for coming by, and I hope you enjoy looking around.
If you are here to book a session, thank you! I can’t wait to meet you and hear your stories and dreams!

“God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world’, whispered Anne softly.” ~ L.M. Montgomery 

~ Jean Marie of Jemmie Photography ~