November 17, 2013 ~ Titusville, FL ~ Family Session: The Kutasi Family
 Meeting the Kutasi family was such a joy. When the second oldest bounded up to me with her mini pink camera, and explained how it all worked in great detail, and finishing off by putting it in her camera tote by saying gravely “I put it in here, because I don’t want anything to happen to it.”. I motioned to my own tote and said “Oh, me too!”, and she smiled that smile that girls do when other girls get each other. A full 20 years older, and I already thought we were best friends. 
And I got some of the most amazing photos of this oh-my-word-how-cute-are-they-family. I can’t even….I just sat and stared at my computer when I got home. And once I started editing, I couldn’t stop….boy, I finished those in record time! Honestly, I’d never met (most) of this wonderful family before, they were friends of the Flake family, but by the end of the shoot, I was laughing with the 6year old, I was giving piggie back rides to the 5year old, the 2year old was talking to me about gopher tortoises and the 1 year old was giggling. I enjoyed them so much!! 
Every family session is different, special, new, exciting, and always full of “roll with it” moments. 
And then there are the moments that make you just get teary over later. It’s true. I’m starting off with a favorite, but honestly, I have so, so many. Thank you so much, Kutasi family!! It was great meeting you! 
With love always,
~ Jean Marie of Jemmie Photography ~
I know I’m not commenting on all of these, but these next two photos……this is what real life looks like, y’all. 
It just makes the photographer in me incredibly mushy and happy. 
I captioned it this way on FB: “Sometimes it is the completely unplanned photo that captures your heart. We have quiet waiting on the left, sweet love in the middle and gentle little on the right, hopping off the bench. This is the story of life, y’all.”
 (I mean, honestly, what 2year old wants to sit on a bench, when a plane is going overhead?)


  1. Lauren Hope said:
    These are so cute! What an adorable little family! <3
    November 23, 2013  7:18 PM
  2. leslie ramos said:
    how beautiful.
    November 23, 2013  10:36 PM
  3. Ellie Roth said:
    Oh my goodness! Your photos are so soft - great job, cuz!
    November 24, 2013  1:23 AM

October 19, 2013 ~ Titusville, FL ~ Family Session: The Flakes 
Back in September, my sweet friend Ashley wrote me a message on Facebook, asking if I would shoot some family photos for them. I went back and forth and back and forth and then wrote back a very excited and lip-biting “YES!”. And then I hyperventilated for a while. I’ve known Ashley since I was in my early teens, we grew up in the same homeschool association, and it was always fun being friends with another redhead. 😉 
So we scheduled the shoot, messaged ideas back and forth, and then that evening, 1 hour before the photoshoot, it went from brilliantly sunny, to complete cloud cover. I was standing next to a window and one minute it was sunny, next minute, no sun. I panicked and ran outside to look….clouds, clouds, and more clouds. I started praying up a storm and running through Plan B on lighting and drove to the location, and about 10 minutes before we started shooting, the clouds broke apart and poured the most amazing, unbelievably golden “glory light” that the South is so famous for….
all over everywhere. It was perfection! 
I was giddy with joy and so thankful! We had 40 minutes of glorious light, I’m serious…every time I turned around for another photo and checked my settings, I was stunned by how perfect it was. And having the easiest and cutest little family to take pictures of didn’t hurt either! I’m so thankful and feel blessed to have met up with the Flake family to take these photos! 
I hope you enjoy their brilliant smiles, their incredible joy and all our sweet fun! 
With love,
~ Jean Marie of Jemmie Photography ~