December 16, 2017 ~ Oak Hill, FL ~ Family Session: The Masemans

Remember this absolutely precious newborn baby boy’s session? Well, suddenly he was 6 months old, and his Mama
messaged me for extended family photos in December. I LOVE getting to meet families, and photographing this one was pure joy.
Michelle texted me to say they were at the location, and I panicked because she was early. “No worries! We’re laid back.” she
texted back. I’m always the first one to locations, but wow, she wasn’t kidding, this family was so relaxed and lovely to be with!

Max was up every tree (making me wish I was right up there with him)! Elias was bubbly and smiley,
and everyone just enjoyed being together and were up for anything and man, these pictures show it: all the heart eyes.

Thank you so much, Maseman’s extended family! Y’all are beautiful and kind, and it was a wonderful session!
Florida really is so pretty in the Winter. What a great last session for the next 6 months.


November 26, 2017 ~ Oak Hill, FL ~ Family Session 2017: The Flake Family

I feel like all of my clients are full of sunshine. But this family….the kids spill out of the SUV, running over for hugs,
full of picture ideas, and stories about their latest adventures, chattering excitedly. I’ve known them since they were small,
and Ashley I’ve known since I was young. Sometimes I wonder how she saw this gift of photography in me and happily shoved
me into ALL this…into all these wonderful moments. We’ve talked a lot these past few years, sporadic messages here and there.

This session, y’all just don’t even know. It makes me cry grateful tears. It makes me sing over the bright sun.
It makes me know our Sovereign God hears our prayers (Asher!) and is faithful to give us good and never let us go.

It’s there in the laughter, the kisses when I had my back to you, that moment Charles was glad we took pictures,
Ethan’s faces that never fail to make me laugh, the way Addison is Little Mama to Asher, your laugh and
knowing looks when we show up a little muddy at the end and every time Asher is happy to see me.

I pray for you all, like I always pray for my clients, for my friends, for my people and their lives,
for their sessions, and for the moments we make together. It’s important! YOU are important to me!
But when the sun shows up with all its brilliant glory and it’s overtaken by the inward brilliance of my people?
Don’t tell me our God isn’t gloriously touching our lives and is always always always tangibly showing it to us.
I couldn’t love these pictures more, and I love your golden, spilling over, sunshine filled JOY and love. It’s tangible. 

So let’s continue doing life, friends, let’s press on toward our goal, our prize, our reward;
let’s look up to the radiant One: let’s see Jesus. Happy 2017 and into 2018, Flake family.
I love you all so much!! You really do make my year, every year. Thank you!!

With much love and gratitude,