2017 Year in Review! 

Wow, this year has felt SO packed, full of life, love and so many wonderful clients!
And because it’s been sooo packed, I threw that whole “one picture per session” rule out the window.
That is SO 2016, or 2017….anyways, it’s 2018 now, so let’s move on! Move on to more: More pictures! More joy!
{and don’t miss the big news at the bottom of this post!}

In 2017:
I shot 27 sessions with:
2 Births (dream fulfilled!)
20 sessions of Family/Maternity/Newborns/Solo/Couples
1 Pro Bono Event
2nd shot 3 Weddings
Shot my 2nd wedding as primary
Traveled to 2 states for sessions: Texas and Georgia!
As well as shot 4 houses for Real Estate

I became an Auntie for the first time!! My nephew, Clark, was born in March, the best gift of 2017.
Other big news was the privilege and honor of shooting TWO births in Jan & Feb of 2017.
Some of the best moments of my life and I love those women and babies SO much.
And shot a HUGE wedding (42 people in the wedding party!) in Georgia for the sweetest people.

I hope you enjoy this look back at all of 2017’s sessions! 

That last picture is my PURE JOY at a session, doing what I love and blessing you all with pictures you will save and treasure!
THANK YOU for hiring me, THANK YOU for supporting me, THANK YOU for being such fun and fantastic clients!
I really do love you all!! And on that note, I have some BIG NEWS for Jemmie Photography.

As many of you know, in March of 2016, I traveled to China to work in an orphanage and have deeply longed to go back.
Well I AM going back, at the end of this month! Jemmie Photography is moving to China for SIX MONTHS. I’m SO EXCITED!
I will be working as main photographer for a special needs orphanage for 6 months in North China.

What does this mean for everyone in America? Six months will fly by, trust me!!
I’ll still be posting travel pictures here, on the Jemmie Photography Instagram and on the FB Jemmie Photography page.
I will be in China from February – July 2018, and will announce open booking when I return. Possibly September!
And if you need a photographer in the meantime, message me for a recommendation of my favorite photographers!

Happy 2018!!!! With so much love and gratitude,
– JM of Jemmie Photography –