Beach Session: Brittany & Noah ~ New Smyrna Dunes Park, FL ~ November 5, 2017 

This beach “Mama & Baby” session was all glowing sunshine, laughter among friends, golden light and delicious breezes,
sandy feet and chilly splashes in the ocean, and these two beautiful people. Recognize them? I took pictures the day Noah came 
into our world. Tricia (Our friend & Brittany’s doula!) joined us at Brittany’s request, to get some pictures together.
It was such a precious reunion and my heart was so full it could just burst.

There are just a few extremely perfect golden Florida evenings with low humidity, perfect breeze and amazing
pink sunset clouds that make your jaw drop every time you turn around and I’m glad God planned one for this session.
Ever just feel like Heaven is opening up and you see the beauty of relationships and how God brings strangers together,
and you just want to cry? It was that plus a sandy, scrunch faced, wild haired adorable baby in between.

Brittany, you are a gorgeous and wonderful Mama to Noah. You are brave and kind and I’m so proud of you.
Noah, looking into your eyes again since your birth-day is something I’ll always treasure. You are so special.

I love my job and I love these people!!