FOUR years ago….I shot the first session officially as Jemmie Photography.

The Mama (also a spitfire redhead) to these two adorable kiddos (now they have 3!) pushed me into starting
a photography business and refused to not pay me. What can I say, when she’s right, she’s right. 😉

I shot 4 sessions for $50 each in October/November 2013 and hit the ground running.
Since then I’ve shot hundreds of sessions (including out of state and out of country), each challenging, each wonderful,
each full of laughter, each growing, learning, each filled with sunshine glow or chasing through the rain.
Each filled with great clients and beautiful hearts. Each following me through forests, waves, rocks, waist high grass,
down trails and diverting to shoot down a long lane under huge trees or pausing in a street just one.more.time.

Ashley Flake always got excited about the fact that she could get the credit for pushing me into this whole grand idea.
Not gonna lie, when it gets crazy, I blame her. She just laughs at me. *haha* What an amazing 4 years to do
something I LOVE for my job! Thank you all SO MUCH for choosing Jemmie Photography & encouraging me every day!!!

And on that note, I’m headed to Birmingham for a week. Enjoy our cooler weather headed our way, and much love always….

– JM of Jemmie Photography –