July 22, 2017 ~ Valdosta, Georgia 

It takes a very special out of state (or country!) bride to make me say “yes” to shooting a wedding! Amanda was one!
I don’t think I’ve ever been so served, lavished on, welcomed or encouraged during shooting. Georgia people just LOVE well.
Shannon & I had such a wonderful time road tripping (accidentally getting locked out of our host house TWICE), and doing
what we love best – capturing memories of people who dearly love each other. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people more tenderly,
gently, sweetly, peacefully in love. Or a wedding dress so stunning: Amanda was pure royalty in it. All the heart eyes!

From the wedding party of 42 people, to their first kiss (followed by SO many more kisses!), to the tears spilling down
so many faces in joy for their beloved people, to the way Amanda joyfully proclaimed to her Daddy: “I’m getting married today!!”
to the way Amanda rested peacefully in Luke’s arms, I was reminded of the Gospel. May it always be so in your marriage.
Congratulations, Luke & Amanda!! It was an honor.