Hi y’all! 

I didn’t have many goals going into 2017, but man, getting all the remaining 2016-2017 sessions blogged in 3 weeks
sure fulfills one of them! 19 sessions, uploaded and blogged. Phew!! It feels so good. I’m so blessed by great clients!

I’m flying out tomorrow for the state that has (arguably) the best old country station in the nation: TEXAS.

I’ll be away for 2 weeks in Texas,  enjoying seeing my sis and bro in love and snuggling my nephew
(who is due today!). I can’t wait to meet him!! It’s going to be precious time.

But if you’d like a session and are in a 1 hour vicinity of Conroe, TX,
send me an e-mail or hit me up on Facebook! I’d love to meet you and shoot in beautiful new places!

I thought I’d do something fun, and post the pictures from my last trip to Houston, just 7 months ago!
These were taken coming in over the Gulf of Mexico and into Texas. I LOVE FLYING, probably always will.
I just love it more when it’s not over 6 hours (hahaha).

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of staring at clouds against a blue sky. Pure wonder. Sheer joy.
It was stormy at first, heading in, lots of low clouds, and rain, and no sun. All blues and tans (still so pretty).
And then the sun came out. And everything turned into Summer Green. And so is our Spring of the soul.

Happy Spring! 

– JM –