Sunday, February 12, 2017 ~ Halifax Health, Daytona Beach, FL ~ Birth Session: Noah 

Sweet Noah was due on Valentine’s Day, but came 2 days early, to his Mama’s overwhelming joy and ours too!!
I’d gotten a text at 10:30pm Saturday night from my best friend Tricia who was the doula for our sweet client,
Brittany, saying “I’ll call you in a little bit.”. Instantly my heart started beating fast. Something was up.

Sure enough, Brittany’s water had broken and she was heading into the hospital. I wanted to come right away,
but Tricia being ever so wise, headed me off and said she’d call when she was farther along, as she was with Brittany
at the hospital (if you want a doula, seriously, hire Tricia). So we texted all through Saturday night/Sunday
morning/secretly in between church on Sunday (hahaha), and then Sunday afternoon I headed up to Daytona Beach.

I walked around the beautiful Halifax Health campus that reminded me SO much of St. Augustine architecture (LOVE).
It was a cool, crisp and windy day, and there wasn’t a cloud in sight in the bright blue sky.

Soon after, I headed up to the labor & delivery floor, and got right to work shooting photos of the evening Noah was born.
Noah arrived at 7:08pm: tiny, perfect, beautiful, and surrounded by joyful excitement. His Mama was a warrior!!
There is nothing like a Mama seeing her baby’s face for the first time and tearily crying: “Oh my sweet sweet boy!”.

Welcome, Noah, your Mama loves you so very very much. 

Brittany, I didn’t know it was possible for me to be SO PROUD of someone I barely knew. But I am.
Congratulations on the birth of your precious boy! And thank you for allowing me the honor to document it for you!

– JM –

Hospital: Halifax Health of Daytona Beach
Doula: Tricia Case