September 17, 2016 ~ Salisbury, England 

This day, ohhh, this day. The day I shot a wedding. In England. With my best friend Shan by my side.
England, my best friend Rach and her love, her every smile and laugh and kiss sending me into joyful tears.
Only for Rach would I do something I said I wouldn’t do: shoot a wedding. One billion times worth it.

It felt like a photographer’s dream. I’m not sure it wasn’t. It was the loveliest of chilly September days.
Here are 300 pictures (or so ;)) so you can relive this dreamy wedding with us.
{and yes, we shot wedding portraits on the Salisbury Cathedral lawn – never getting over it}

dsc_5712 dsc_5690 dsc_5694 dsc_5697 dsc_1481dsc_5745dsc_1488 dsc_5740_stomp dsc_5744 dsc_5759 dsc_5763dsc_5785-1gettingready-97_stompgettingready-99_stomp dsc_1496dsc_5764 dsc_1489 dsc_1493 dsc_5775 dsc_5777dsc_1508 jwedding-1jwedding-1-2 jwedding-2dsc_1525-1dsc_5805-1 dsc_1523-2 dsc_5817-1dsc_1526-2dsc_5832dsc_5822 dsc_5828 dsc_5834 dsc_5837

{Quick note: We were shooting in the most beautiful alley, and a third story window pops open behind/above me,
and a sweet lady’s English voice calls out “Happy Day!!”, which is the congratulatory greeting on your wedding day,
while Shan & I tried not to die over the sweetness, this was the hilarious reaction from Steve & Rachael, haha!}

 I couldn’t be happier for Rach in finding such a gentle, Godly and fun man to lead and love her so much.
Rach, thank you for asking me. Only for you, babe. You were the most beautiful bride.

And this is just the beginning. Oh, Happy Day, indeed!!

With love always from
The American Photographer who asked you to kiss way more than is English tradition,
– JM –