June 28, 2016 ~ Ponce Inlet, Florida ~ My Golden Birthday

I just celebrated my Golden Birthday this past month, and all I wanted to do was go to my
favorite restaurant: Aunt Catfish’s in Port Orange with my parents and 2 best friends,
and then spend time at Ponce Inlet jetty taking photos and watching the sun set.

So that’s what we did, and y’all. It was the most beautiful evening. I feel so blessed!
I took the most photos of Mariah, and Shannon took the most of me, and we all just –
lifted our faces to the wind and closed our eyes in the salty spray of the ocean, and regained PEACE.

We love you, Ponce Inlet. God has made such a very beautiful world.

Enjoy this more personal look into my life and photos of my gorgeous friends and darling parents!
– JM of Jemmie Photography –

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